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Sino-US Trade Tax Increase List

Description Description PICTURE HS CODE, USA Original RATE Increased tariffs USE TEXTURE
salt lamp
9405.40.8440 3.90% 13.90% Decorative lighting table lamp,rock

Inch stripper
8’wire stripper and crimping pliers
8203.20.8000 4.50% 14.50% Stripped wire cut line high-carbon steel,TPR+PP
Roll pin punch set/punch DRIFT PLUG
8203.40.6000 3.30% 13.30% For a round hole or ellipse hole bits CRV60 
Screwdriver Sets/Screwdriver SCREWDRIVER 
8205.51.1500 0.00% 10.00% Household (TV, tables and chairs, etc.) Tool rod cr-v, handle is aluminium alloy, plastic box
9 Pcs  File set(9 Pcs Engineer File and Needle File set) FILE
8205.59.8000 3.70% 13.70% tool plastic,carbon steel
Steel tape(steel tape measure) tape measure
9017.20.4000 3.90% 13.90% Scale to measure Plastic, rubber, carbon steel
Aquarium lighting
Fish tank lamp
decorative lamp
9405.40.8440 3.90% 13.90% decoration glass + Plastic
Office Chair Wheels Set
Office chair wheelset suit
Office Chair Wheels Set
9401.90.5005 0.00% 10.00% Change the wheels of the office chair metal, polyurethane, plastiс

See the PDF file for more information